Delusions Of Grandeur



Fear Of Flying
Carter Robert And Gillian Claire
Happy Hour Is Over
Chemical Reaction
Six Friends
It's Easy To Miss You (When I'm Alone)
Goodbye Total Stranger
Delusions Of Grandeur
Bad Luck Charm

Original Liner Notes

Copyright 2009 Four Senses Music
All Songs By Brad Grier
Recorded Live In Brad's Basement, Omaha, Nebraska
December, 2008 - January, 2009

Another Last Ditch Effort Production

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Random Thoughts

This is an extremely low-key collection. Recorded live on an old Fender acoustic prone to buzzing and a cheap mixing board. Some of the songs would work well with a full multi-track production. "Carter Robert And Gillian Claire" was the "crowd" favorite. I like the acoustic version of "Six Friends" and "Goodbye Total Stranger".

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